The speedy Cobot just got stronger!

Industrial Cobot Takes Industrial-Level Performance to the Next Levell

ABB’s new SWIFTI CRB 1300 bridges the gap between collaborative and industrial robots. It enables proven safe collaborative operation to be achieved, even in applications that demand industrial-level speed and lifting capabilities.


The SWIFTI CRB 1300 incorporates several features that can improve production efficiency by up to 45% compared to other cobots in its class.  In a typical palletizing application, SWIFTI’s speed and performance enable it to handle up to 13 boxes per minute compared to the nine boxes possible with other cobots in its class. Palletizing application use case:


Designed For High Payload and High Demand Applications

Payload and Reach Collaborative Safety Productivity
  • Available in three payload variants: 7Kg, 10kg, 11kg (Reach between 0,9m to 1.4m)
  • IP67 variant available for use in dusty, high moisture environments
  • Supervised by SafeMove and safety sensor
  • Stop safely before contact with a human
  • Interaction status light
  • Safety certified cat. 3, PL d
  • With a TCP speed of 6,2 m/s, SWIFTI CRB 1300 is 6 times faster than other cobots in its class
  • With 0,02mm, it offers up to 5 times higher position repeatability
  • Four integrated air supplies enable vacuum picking

Key Features:

  • Increased payload and reach
  • Payload options from 7kg to 11kg and reaches from 0.9m to 1.4m
  • Collaborative safety: stop safely before contact with a human
  • Easy programming with Wizard
  • IP67 variant for use in dusty, high moisture environments


  • Palletizing
  • Machine tending
  • Screwdriving
  • Material Handling
  • Assembly
  • Kitting
         ... and many more

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