With their complete product portfolio of sensors, SICK offers a wide range of solutions for any and all of your sensing needs. Sensor intelligence gives you the next level of reliability and data whether you are using a photoeye, proximity sensor or distance sensor. Through years of experience in the factory automation and logistics automation industries, SICK have products for any application you may have. 

New Products!

H18 Sensors - The newest sensor offering from SICK is the H18. This specific sensor is manufactured in Minnesota to ensure the product is always available while still giving you the SICK reliability. One size fits all as you can have any different photoeye combinations in one body style to give you ultimate flexibility. The new light bar on the back of the H18 will make troubleshooting and alignment a breeze.

DT35 Distance Sensor - Precise and reliable measurements in any kind of environment up to 12mwith no reflective tape. The DT35 offers high repeatability in an IP67 housing so you can feel confident that it will work in your environment. Flexible interfaces and IO-Link means that you can get your data any way you want.