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aluminum extrusion

When it comes to Aluminum Extrusions, Hartfiel Automation sells the best. With thousands of standard products and tens of thousands of variations, 80/20 and Hartfiel Automation stand ready to assist from design/selection all the way to fabrication. Hartfiel Automation has a team of factory trained personal ready to take any project to the next level.


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Aluminum Extrusion
80/20 is a manufacturer of The Industrial Erector Set. A modular framing system consisting of aluminum profiles, fasteners, and accessories that fit together to make virtually anything. Anyone who has a need or an imagination can use 80/20. 80/20 can be used for almost anything; modular machine frames, desks and cubicle walls, material handling racks, adjustable carts, tradeshow exhibits, etc.

80/20 Design and training AssistanceDesign & Training Assistance - The 80/20 demo van will come directly to your front door with a pull-out gurney. This gives real life applications of every aspect of the 80/20 framing system
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