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Hartfiel Automation chooses not to focus its expertise in one specific industry. From refuse trucks to medical applications, Hartfiel Automation will develop the right solution. The following industries Hartfiel Automation has worked in to find successful, innovative and profitable solutions. Hartfiel Automation has a wide range of expertise, please contact a representative nearest you to find out how Hartfiel can help.


Hartfiel Automation offers solutions for automation and optimization of equipment ranging from tillage to planting.

Food and Beverage

Hartfiel Automation carries top notch product lines for the food and beverage industry. Every product is tested in-house and approved by the dedicated Quality team in order to provide the tools to be successful in a challenging market.


Hartfiel Automation focuses on traceability, reliability and quality. Hartfiel has extensive experience with medical device OEM's.

Mobile Equipment

Hartfiel Automation serves off-road, on-road agricultural and construction related markets. Hartfiel also offers an in-house dedicated mobile controls group.

Oil and Gas

Many companies require specific parts and specialty tools to extract, deliver, and refine oil. Hartfiel provides many different solutions to help the oil and gas industry be more productive and find better ways to locate resources.


Hartfiel Automation has vast experience in packaging. From proper selection of components to ideas on how to reduce labor and increase productivity, Hartfiel is the supplier of choice for packaging.

Specialty Machines

Hartfiel Automation provides a wide range of components and solutions for specialty machine applications.