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Quick, precise, and reliable, ABB’s SCARA robots are ideal for customers requiring rapid cycle times, high precision, and high reliability for material handling, loading & unloading, picking & placing, and small part assembly & testing applications.

Available in Minnesota, Kansas, Iowa, W. Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Colorado and Utah.

Yamaha SCARA robots are available in 13 different arm lengths from 120mm to 1200mm. Full rated payloads from 1/2KG to 50KG. Class 10 clean room and IP65 dust and drip proof options are available. Wall mount and ceiling mount versions are also available.
Yamaha SCARA Robots

SCARA robots offer many advantages, particularly for large-scale production applications.

Their simple design helps to provide faster cycle times, impressive positioning accuracy and high repeatability compared to other robot types. They also work very well in smaller environments where precision is the top requirement of the robots.

SCARA robots excel in pick & place operations that require precision, speed, and smooth motion. This makes them a good fit for applications like electronics assembly and food manufacturing.

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