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MAC valves carry a wide variety of Pneumatic and liquid valves. From small to Large 3 and 4 way valves, Mac valves has one of the largest Air and Liquid valve offering in the world.

With industry leading technology Mac Valves stands alone in solving tough customer challenges. There is no valve application too difficult for MAC and Hartfiel.

Valves are an important component of many system solutions in several industries, including oil and gas, alternative energy, and pharmaceuticals. A quality valve that you can rely on is essential.

With the large assortment of valves Allenair offers and their vertical integration strategy – you get the right valve for your needs.

PHD products consist of a full line of cylinders, escapements, grippers, linear slides, rotary actuators, clamps, multi-motion actuators, switches and sensors.

These actuators provide the fundamental motion to push, pull, lift, rotate, turn, grip, reach, clamp, hold, position, escape, insert, load, unload, pick, place, and orient parts or materials in your manufacturing processes.

Camozzi manufactures high quality pneumatic components for use in the field of industrial automation. They have an extensive range of fittings in nearly every thread type, material, and size.

Pneumadyne is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic components and pneumatic control systems.  Designed and manufactured in the USA, our pneumatic valves, fittings, manifolds, and custom pneumatic components are relied upon for fluid control throughout a wide variety of industries.

Fabco-Air covers all your directional, solenoid, air pilot, needle, and flow valve needs. Our valve lineup features a wide range of sizes and high-performance materials, including FDA-approved options for your flow and process valves.

If installation space is an issue, you can mix and match valves in a single compact manifold.

Also available, are several lines of special purpose valves—including shuttle, check, micro limit, and pressure sensing valves

Spartan Scientific strives to meet tough challenges with innovative design and offers a large selection of valves and accessories.

Aladco® has a proven commitment of manufacturing pilot operated pneumatic check valves that are built to last – specifically designed to maximize reliability and safety. We continuously strive to understand and fulfill our customers’ technical needs.

Aladco incorporates varying design and function in each pneumatic check valve to meet a variety of application needs

Deltrol Fluid Products manufactures an extensive range of fluid power products and provides world-class performance standards in product design, quality, and competitive prices.
MAC Control Valve
Camozzi Pneumatic Components
Pneumatic Controls

Pneumatic pressure controls move pressurized or compressed air “signals” from a controller to a device through copper or plastic tubes. Pneumatic controls stand in contrast to electronic controls, which send and receive electric or electronic signals.

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