Hartfiel Automation offers solutions for automation and optimization of equipment ranging from tillage to planting.

Products & Technology

Hartfiel Automation provides cattle sorting options for your agricultural needs
Agricultural OEM
In cattle farming, human proximity to the animals can be dangerous.  Hartfiel helped a customer create a wireless control for cattle sorting.   This feature allowes for safe and efficient transfer of cattle.
Hartfiel Automation provides agricultural sprayer systems for hi-tech agricultural spraying needs
Sprayer OEM
Todays agricultural sprayers require precision technology.  Over spraying or under spraying an area are not options.  Hartfiel Automation created a precise system for application.  Today’s farmers expect hi-tech and reliable product to help agricultural production.  Hartfiel Automation provides both farmers and OEM’s solutions for today’s challenges.
Hartfiel Automation provides agricultural solutions for planting and seed depth
Tilling depth is key for today’s farmers.  Hartfiel Automation provides product that lives up to the demands of modern agriculture.
Hartfiel Automation provides technological solutions from Yetter to improve crop yield and crop management
Single Pass yield has become a reality.  Today’s technology allows farmers to have extreme efficiency in their crop.  With huge reductions in fuel consumption.  And precision depth control of implements, farmers are seeing huge increases in crop yield.  Hartfiel worked with a key OEM to create both mechanical and ruggedized mobile control solutions to make this possible.