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Magnetek is the largest supplier of drive and control systems for cranes and hoists.

HED is an industry leader specializing in the design, manufacture, and application of innovative controls and telematics systems for on- and off-highway OEMs.

Scanreco offers wireless remote controls you can count on for heavy duty use.

Eaton offers complete mobile power solutions.
Radio Remotes

Sometimes, it is necessary to give the operator the ability to move freely around the machine while still maintaining control of it; maybe this is to keep people away from a dangerous area; maybe it is to simply add convenience, regardless, radio remotes provide a wireless connection to your machine.  Whether you need to control a crane, concrete mixer, or anything else, Hartfiel Automation has a radio remote to fit your application.


The hand-held radio remote is only half of the equation.  In order to actually control machine functions we will select a receiver to match your needs.  The receiver is responsible for listening to the remote, and controlling hydraulic valves outputs, lights, or almost anything else.  We offer receivers that perform simple on/off control, PWM control, and even receivers that offer a CAN bus interface for even easier integration.

Not all mobile machines are created equally, and that is why we have many different radio remote configurations available.  We offer everything from a simple four button hand-held remote, to a pistol-grip remote, all the way up to a large belly-box remote.  Many of the radio remotes are semi-customizable; this means that if you need a pistol-grip remote with three toggle switches and one joystick, we can meet your requirements.

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