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Pneumatic and fluid valves


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Highly Engineered Pneumatic and Fluid Valves

For over 70 years MAC® Valves has been a global manufacturing leader in the pneumatic and fluid valve industries. MAC Valves has earned a reputation as an innovator in solenoid air valve technology as is evidenced by their numerous global patents.  MAC’s focus is on offering customers the best performing products available on the market, including speed, reliability, repeatability, ease of maintenance and low wattage.  

mac pulse valves

Fast, Repeatable and Reliable Pulses for Dust Collection

MAC’s patented bonded spool technology is transforming the dust collection industry. The MAC Pulse Valve was developed to replace current diaphragm style technology and create a more robust, reliable and environmentally conscience valve solution. MAC Pulse Valves are designed for lowest cost of ownership, long life, and configurable to most any existing baghouse.

MAC Pulse Valves can be ordered in one of two pilot configurations: The Integral Solenoid pilot combines fast, repeatable pulses with the addition of a Manual Operator, while MAC’s Remote Bleed version improves performance and reliability in hazardous locations. The main body of the MAC Pulse Valve utilizes bonded spool technology for superior reliability beyond existing diaphragm technology. A checked accumulator and a main spool with memory spring are used to ensure a shift back to the home position, for times when air supply may not be adequate. A line of adapter plates has also been released to replace existing diaphragm pulse valves with a direct drop-in, without disturbing existing plumbing.

The Problem with Diaphragm Valves

The drawbacks of outdated diaphragm style technology include high energy consumption, routine maintenance and requires higher pulsing frequency for cleaning.

Image of dust collection system filters using diaphragm pulse valves.

The valve for the far-left filter failed and was replaced with a MAC Pulse Valve. The image shows the result after just 2 cycles.

Benefits of a MAC Pulse Valve:

  • Energy Consumption

    Energy savings for replacing diaphragm valves with a spool valve can be 20 – 70%

  • Maintenance
    Lower cost of ownership through reduction in downtime due to high reliability. When necessary, maintenance is simplified with available spool kits
  • ROI
    A fast return on investment is due to significant energy savings, extended bag life, greatly reduced replacement costs, reduction in downtime and labor savings

  • Harsh Environment Compatible
    An aluminum die-cast body, nitrile seals and an environmentally protected solenoid are standard features

MAC product ranges

Evolution in Air Valve Technology

Built with very few parts, MAC Bullet Valves are ideal for applications where high flow and repeatability in a small package size are crucial. Simple cartridge design for easy adaptability.

Innovation in Valves and Repeatability

MAC Liquid Valves perform with both gas and liquids utilizing D-Flex™ technology to provide a tight seal. Solve your microdosing, dispensing, spraying and filling applications.

Solenoid Operated 3-Way

Valve with 3 ports, inlet, outlet (cylinder) and exhaust. They are generally used to operate spring return cylinders or as pilots for larger diaphragm or piston valves.

Solenoid Operated 4-Way

Valve with 4 ports; inlet, a common exhaust and two cylinder ports, one normally open the other normally closed their most common application is to operate double acting cylinders.


The Liquid Bullet Valve® is the latest design innovation from MAC Valves. Find out how the MAC Liquid Bullet Valve (LBV) is ideal for applications that demand reliable, low-leak performance. 

Customer Success: MAC Pulse Valves Discover how a wastewater plant replaced diaphragm valves with MAC pulse valves and were amazed with the results. “One of the best and easiest investments we’ve ever made.”

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MAC Valves developed the Pulse Valve. Take a look to how this advanced technology performs well on pulse jet dust collectors. 

With thousands of solutions available, the MAC Bullet Valve® has been a real game changer in the industry. 

MAC’s BVIQ® Bullet Valve technology now available in a unique plug-in design.

ROI Case Study demonstrating the application of MAC Pulse Valves in Hot Melt Asphalt Batch plant.

MAC Valves has earned a reputation as an innovator in solenoid air valve technology.