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ABB’s  collaborative robots are made for a huge range of tasks, in operations of every size. They’re easy to set up, program, operate, and scale. Built by industry-leading experts. and serviced by the broadest service network in the industry. Whatever you need, ABB can support every step of your automation journey.

Omron develops industrial, mobile, and collaborative robots for demanding applications. Meet today’s factory automation challenges with integrated robotics control architecture.

In Comau’s Smart Factory, operators and robots can work in close contact and in complete safety thanks to collaborative robotics.

Cobots are assigned all the heaviest and most repetitive operations, leaving human operators free to carry out more specialist and less fatiguing tasks.

Thanks to consolidated know-how and over 45 years of experience in the automation of various areas of industry, Comau has long been committed to developing innovative and advanced technology to make industrial operations simpler and more efficient.
ABB Collaborative Robots
Omron collaborative robot

Collaborative robots are a form of robotic automation built to work safely alongside human workers in a shared, collaborative workspace. In most applications, a collaborative robot is responsible for repetitive, menial tasks while a human worker completes more complex and thought-intensive tasks. The accuracy, uptime and repeatability of collaborative robots is designed to complement the intelligence and problem-solving skills of a human worker.

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