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Empowering Automation Since 1957

PHD, Inc. offers precise, custom, and fast automation solutions to enhance your capabilities and competitiveness. PHD manufactures pneumatic and electric powered cylinders, escapements, linear slides, clamps, grippers, tri-axis tooling, electric actuators, and more expertly designed solutions for industrial automation.

NEW from PHD, Inc.

Introducing the ESZ Electric Belt-Driven Linear Actuator

Welcome to the future of automation with the ESZ electric belt driven linear actuator.

Designed for vertical cantilever applications where the motor remains stationary reducing moving mass and simplifying cable management. The robust, enclosed design of the ESZ Series features a high-capacity rail bearing system for exceptional moment and load capability and adapts seamlessly to horizonal applications and offers a range of configurations.

Caters to a wide spectrum of automation needs:

  • Two sizes available for travel lengths up to 2,000 mm for fixed saddle applications or 5,500 mm for fixed base applications



Features an integrated shaft coupling for rigid connection.

  • Maximum speed of 5,000 mm/s
  • Acceleration of 50 m/s2


  • Ensures uniform load distribution
  • Precise tooth engagement
  • Superior overall performance
PHD Ridged Construction


  • Adaptability to a wide range of applications

  • High degree of repeatability


  • Higher load/moment loading capabilities

Create your own Cartesian robot system with the series ESU and other PHD actuators.

Your Motor, Your Way gives you the freedom to use familiar motors and controls for a user-friendly experience.

PHD ESZ Brochure


PHD offers solutions for automotive manufacturing processes including assembly, forming, workholding, metal stamping, lifting and positioning, welding, and more.

PHD actuators for the food and beverage industry assists conveyors and packaging process in dairy, ice cream, meat, poultry, produce, and snack food processing.

FDA-approved custom and standard solutions with high precision and compact designs for manufacturing syringes, tubing, IV bags, lab testing, pharmaceuticals, and more.

PHD manufactures a wide variety of slides, escapements, and cylinders, grippers, and more for high speed processing equipment, conveyors, and palletizing operations.

Phd products

PHD Pneumatic Cylinders

High Performance and Reliability

PHD cylinders are known for their durability and versatility when space requirements are a concern. Tie Rod, ISO, Compact, Round, and IP69K options are available.

PHD Linear Slides

Thruster and Gantry Systems

PHD linear slides include thruster and rodless options. These linear slides are designed to easily handle applications where high levels of force, precision, and payloads are required.


Your Motor, Your Way

Driven by electric power, PHD electric grippers, cylinders, and slides feature a robust design and the freedom to operate these products using the motor and controls of your choice.


High Speed Transfer Press Tooling

High Speed Transfer Press Tooling
With over 40 years of experience in the automotive stamping industry, PHD-acquired H.C. Automation specializes in versatile tooling systems for clamp, lift, and pitch processes in stamping.


Inspired by the Human Hand

PHD Flexion is an innovative gripper that replicates the act of bending a finger – giving the gripper a vast range of adaptability for soft and sensitive product handling.

High Rigidity and Precision Gripping

Ranging from high precision miniature sizes to heavy duty, high capacity models, PHD parallel grippers open directly apart to handle workpieces of all sizes and weights.


Angular Gripping for Unique Objects

PHD angular grippers open at an angle to hold a different variety of workpieces than parallel grippers, including large or oddly shaped objects and pick in tight spaces.


Unsurpassed Ruggedness

PHD offers many different options for clamps including 2-jaw, toggle, swing, pin clamps, and die lifters for automated sheet metal stamping in transfer presses, welding, and more.


Inspired by he Motion of a Human Finger

PHD Flexion Gripper – finger modules flex multiple joints to conform and adapt to various workpieces. Modules can be assembled in radial or parallel hub arrays with one to five fingers in each position. Suitable for both industrial and collaborative robots.

Economical, Efficient Actuators

PHD Optimax® products are actuators designed to meet machine builders’ performance requirements at a competitive price. These economical, efficient, and reliable actuators provide customers with an alternative to PHD’s standard “built-to-order” product line.

High Capacity Pneumatic Parallel Grippers

With high grip force, five long jaw travels, and high jaw loads, this heavy duty end effector’s rugged design and jaw construction can withstand high impact and shock loads.
Series GRR Grippers are designed for gripping large objects in demanding industry applications 


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