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ABB’s comprehensive six-axis articulated robot portfolio delivers the ideal solutions for use in material handling, machine tending, spot welding, arc welding, cutting, assembling, testing, inspecting, dispensing, grinding, and polishing applications.

In Comau’s Smart Factory, operators and robots can work in close contact and in complete safety thanks to collaborative robotics.

Cobots are assigned all the heaviest and most repetitive operations, leaving human operators free to carry out more specialist and less fatiguing tasks.

Thanks to consolidated know-how and over 45 years of experience in the automation of various areas of industry, Comau has long been committed to developing innovative and advanced technology to make industrial operations simpler and more efficient
Six Axis
ABB Six Axis Robot
Six Axis

Six-axis robots are a type of articulated robot and the most common for industrial manufacturing.

They provide the flexibility, strength, and reach needed to complete most applications including welding automation, material handling, material removal, and painting. Six-axis robots are able to move in the x, y, and z planes.

In addition, they can perform roll, pitch, and yaw movements. This makes the movements of these robots similar to that of the human arm, one reason they are ideal for taking over production lines.

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