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Camozzi offers a full line of both plastic and metal one touch fittings. Camozzi is the industry leader in Pneumatic connectivity.

Bimba’s extensive and world-class range of products offers you the complete solution for your needs. They start with the correct air-preparation, then add control with valves, offer linear and radial movement with actuators and correct work-holding with grippers and vacuum products. These are all joined with Bimba’s extensive fittings and accessories.

Pneumadyne is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic components and pneumatic control systems. Designed and manufactured in the USA, their pneumatic valves, fittings, manifolds, and custom pneumatic components are relied upon for fluid control throughout a wide variety of industries.

Founded in 1998, FITOK Group has been an industry-leading developer and manufacturer of superior quality instrumentation valves and fittings,

CPC (Colder Products Company) is the leading provider of quick disconnect couplings, fittings and connectors for plastic tubing.

Polyconn specializes in developing and supplying high-quality wholesale pneumatic tube, fittings, and components to distributors, OEMs, and MROs.

Their expansive inventory includes pneumatic manifolds, stainless steel fittings, the unique Duratec® pipe system, and much more. They have the capabilities to source any pneumatic component you need.

Freelin-Wade provides custom plastic tubing to meet your needs.

If your project requires standard or custom tubing, Freelin-Wade can deliver. With over 4,000 stock products and over 30 years of industry expertise,  they are recognized as a premier plastic tubing supplier. As an industry-leading manufacturer of high-performance plastic tubing, they have the unique capability to customize all of their standard plastic tubing products to meet your specific application requirements.

LinkTech, now operating through Nordson, creates quality quick-connect couplings that are far easier to use than those made by competitors.

Unlike other couplings, which require the use of tools to take apart or connect, LinkTech’s couplings are far easier to use because of their quick-connect design. Their coupling designs use a thumb-latch design which ensures that they can be connected and disconnected by hand while remaining secure.

The tightness of the fit is essential in pneumatic couplings because a leak could cause the whole system to fail through a loss of power. Ensuring that pneumatic couplings feature a secure fit yet are easy to work with is a challenge that many companies in the industry have had to face, and LinkTech has an excellent solution.

Legris® solutions for all industries. Parker Legris®, inventor of push-to-connect technology, constantly strives to design, manufacture and customize safe and reliable quick connection solutions for all industries and distribution everywhere across the globe.

Nycoil Parker designs products that provide actual solutions to real problems. From the introduction of the original Self-Storing Air Hose to the Ultra-Lite Superbraid Tubing and state of the art Poly-Matic Push-To-Connect Fittings, Nycoil has become an industry leader in the Fluid Power and Pneumatic Markets.

Their products are designed to last longer, be lighter and make installation and operator handling easier. We offer tubing, hoses, fittings, and quick couplers to service your pneumatic needs.

Piab specializes in automated process components and solutions to enable gripping, lifting and moving applications.

Pisco offers a wide variety of pneumatic equipment such as tube fittings, controllers, switching devices, and piping tubes. In addition to standard models, Pisco offers a vast array of custom-made products are available to satisfy a myriad of specific applications.

Pressure Connections Corp. is a privately held business specializing in the manufacture and distribution hydraulic and pneumatic products. They offer a full line of hydraulic hoses and fittings, as well as many other products for hydraulic and pneumatic service.

Universal Plastics, Inc. is a plastic tube, co-extruded plastic and custom profile plastic extrusion manufacturer servicing the US including Colorado, Utah, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming.

For over 30 years, we have been extruding for domestic and international businesses. Universal Plastics provides dependable, quality custom plastic extrusions.

High quality air for highly reliable machinery. Parker Watts pneumatic products protect your equipment, reduce downtime and maximize productivity.

Wilkerson manufactures and markets a complete line of compressed air treatment components and control products.
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Fittings and Tubing

Camozzi offers a full line of both plastic and metal one touch fittings. Camozzi is the industry leader in Pneumatic connectivity.

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