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The demands placed on commercial vehicles have evolved dramatically over the years. With requirements for operating efficiency and quality higher than ever, these vehicles need an automation system that is both powerful and scalable.

B&R’s proven mobile automation lineup gives you all the tools you need to build and defend your competitive edge as a technological leader in your market. With an innovation-driven technology partner at your side, your mobile equipment will stand out with best-in-class electronics and software.

Consolidate vehicle controls and gauges in one place with HED’s CAN Bus displays. Customize screen design and layout for maximum functionality with their do-it-yourself programming software. High-brightness graphics, text and video. Made for harsh environments, HED displays can be mounted in the cab or outside your vehicle.

COBO supplies complete systems and state of the art components to the off-road market. They carry a large variety of products including lighting, displays, electronic controllers, sensors accessories, electrical products, wiring harnesses, switches, keypads, and more.

Magnetek is the largest supplier of drive and control systems for cranes and hoists.

Scanreco’s high-performance displays gives excellent visibility in all kinds of outdoor and indoor environments. Regardless of whether you work during a pitch-dark winter or on a sunny day, Scanreco surprises with clear contrast.

Shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures are just a few examples of what mobile equipment applications face on a daily basis. Turck rises to the challenge, offering solutions that thrive when put to the test in the most extreme environments.

Turck offers an unmatched range of reliable automation solutions – including sensors, industrial cordsets, distributed I/O products, and RFID.

With the ability of our control systems able to gather so much useful data, it is important that your machine has the ability to display this information easily and efficiently.  We’ve partnered with the industry’s leading suppliers to provide a variety of displays to choose from.  Not all machines need a 12 inch touch screen; some may only need a small monochrome display.  We work with your company to size the display appropriately for the application

J1939/CAN bus
All of our displays use CAN (controller area network) to communicate with the rest of the control system.  This simple connection has the ability to give us access to the chassis/engine, and diagnostic information for the entire control system.

With the availability of data on the CAN network the display can have several uses.  If you simply want to show engine or PTO hours, we can do that.  If you want to create an interface with powerful graphics that allows for various setup menus, dashboards, and machine operation pages we can do that too.  Simply put; we can display the information your users need, no more, and no less.

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