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PHD rotary actuators provide the smooth control of hydraulics with the simplicity of pneumatics.

One end of the actuator is a closed loop hydraulic control member while the other provides pneumatic power to the rack. Series 2000-8000 Rotary Actuators are designed for heavy duty pneumatic applications where additional control is needed.

Hanna offers a full line of medium and heavy duty hydraulic cylinders as well as a full range of pneumatic cylinders.

Hanna cylinders come in a wide variety of mounting options and styles, making them perfect for just about any application.

Specializing in low, medium, and high pressure hydraulic actuators, up to 3000 PSI. A wide variety of bore sizes and NFPA mounting options allow you to configure the exact hydraulic actuator your application requires.

A hydraulic actuator consists of a cylinder or fluid motor that uses hydraulic power to facilitate mechanical operation. The mechanical motion gives an output in terms of linear, rotary or oscillatory motion.

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