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B&R’s motion control technology melds seamlessly into its overall automation system – along with machine control, HMI and safety technology – to create a complete system solution for machines and equipment.

Their motion control components are fully interoperable, so individual devices can be swapped out at any time to adapt to changes in the machine’s configuration or requirements.

Precise and reliable motion control systems for original equipment manufacturers. Applied Motion designs, manufactures and supports key motion control components.

Novanta’s ultra-compact programmable motion controller and driver is offered with optional interface boards, motors, and starter kit to speed your motion system design and development.

Powerful motion control for the most demanding applications. Omron motion controls provide flexibility, speed and accuracy to difficult and complex applications.

Trio Motion Technology specializes in advanced motion control as a core, providing a range of Motion Coordinators, drives and motors, expansion interfaces, I/O modules and HMI’s built on Motion-iX technologies.

Trio Motion’s components are designed to enable the control of industrial machines with the minimum of external components.

Yamaha’s YHX Universal Controller is a state of the art, advanced robotics automation platform that utilizes cooperative motion and synchronized control among all models of Yamaha robots, peripheral units, and additional devices that make up an automated line.

Connectability to cloud services, IoT and Industry 4.0  make this controller universal for all platforms.

Oriental Motor offers optimal motion systems among their extensive product line-up. From their industry leading hybrid family of positioning products, high torque stepper motors to speed control or constant speed motors designed for value and long life.

For thermal management Oriental Motors offers a wide range of cooling fans, alarms and accessories.
Motion Controllers
General Controller
Motion Controllers

The controller is an electronic device that serves as the “brain” of a motion control system that controls the motors and drives. The number of controllers used in a particular application, such as in a production line, will vary based on the number of individual processes that need to be controlled. For a complex system, there could be numerous controllers. Each of these controllers has the ability to receive instructions from, and provide feedback to, the main computer that controls the entire production line.

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