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J1939/CAN bus

Whether your machine has just a few sensors and valves, or dozens, Hartfiel Automation has a selection of controllers and input/output devices meet the demands of your application. We’ve partnered with the industry’s leading suppliers to provide a variety of components to choose from; this allows us to select hardware that will match the application perfectly and eliminate the need to unnecessarily oversize the system and reduce efficiency.

J1939/CAN bus

For machines that have not made the transition to electronic controls, Hartfiel Automation can help you navigate the process and help in your engineering and development efforts to ensure a smooth and successful product launch.  CAN (controller area network) is what we use to connect our systems together so they can “talk” with one another.  What this means is that you can potentially reduce your wiring drastically, reducing your manufacturing time and increasing throughput.  CAN also allows us to connect to the J1939 CAN bus on your machine (if so equipped), this will allow your machine to become one unified system so all components can work with each other, not against.

Mobile machines typically have many different types of sensors, switches, valves, and lights that require monitoring and control.  When it comes to controlling devices and monitoring sensors, we have the experience and products that allow us to control everything from current controlled proportional hydraulic valves, to reading analog inclination sensors.

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