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Customer Profit Reinforcement (CPR®)

The Hartfiel Automation team uses their trademarked “CPR” process to uncover and document savings and profit opportunities. All the information is entered into Hartfiel Automation’s custom-built web application to illustrate the logical path your company can take to maximize profits. Each opportunity is ranked by ease of implementation so that a starting point can be determined.



Profit leaks are often due to incorrectly applied products. The expert technical teams at Hartfiel Automation will examine customer equipment to determine the best product fit.


Many things effect the bottom line of manufacturing companies. Hartfiel’s "CPR" team consists of experts trained to uncover hidden profits within our customers. One of the key ways to do this is by improving inventory levels at our customers. Hartfiel Automation works with the entire supply chain to drive all efficiencies possible. The end goal, increased profit for our customers.


The cost of poor quality is huge. Often times poor quality is difficult to diagnose and very difficult to measure. Hartfiel’s "CPR" team is seasoned to uncover the quantifiable data to highlight poor quality and its negative effect on profit. This same team will identify solutions to fix the challenge and return the products to high quality components.


Hartfiel Automation documents every aspect of a customer process to offer alternatives and to potentially change or re-configure where necessary.