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In order for Hartfiel Automation to stay true to its corporate mission, Hartfiel Automation provides services beyond distribution. When looking for a partner, Hartfiel Automation understands the importance of providing options for their customers and their unique needs. Below is a list of Hartfiel Automation’s top services.

Value Added / Panel Shop

The Value-Added department at Hartfiel Automation partially or completely assembles components from a bill of customer-approved materials into sub-assemblies (kits). Order one item, tested and ready to install under one purchase order.


The Hartfiel Automation engineering team focuses on partnering with customers to achieve success in their equipment design and manufacturing.

Customer Profit Reinforcement (CPR®)

The CPR process provides Hartfiel Automation's customers with real-time dollar figure feedback on the value of working with Hartfiel Automation.


The knowledge and resources required to understand and implement the complex automation equipment available today is significant. Whether you need someone to create a complete design from the ground up, or just a little help reviewing your current design, the Hartfiel design team is committed to making your automation project a success.