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RFID, laser-based bar code scanners, and image-based code readers: to provide genuinely efficient solutions for identification tasks, you need more than just one type of technology. With SICK you have the choice. For decades, they been a pioneer in vision solutions, a market leader in industrial code reading, and an innovator of RFID technology.

Whether used individually or combined in an application – SICK employs three technologies to provide reliable and efficient solutions to your identification tasks.

Banner Engineering offers code reading solutions that can reliably decode difficult-to-read, low quality, and damaged codes—as well as codes printed on highly reflective surfaces.

Omron offers high-performance, easy-to-use code readers for reliable high-speed scanning, decoding and communication.
Omron Bar code reader

Barcoding, also known as Automatic Identification (Auto ID), is a method of encoding information into a machine-readable pattern of predefined bar and space patterns that can be quickly and accurately read by a scanner and a computer. Part numbers, purchase order numbers, lot numbers, or any other information can be encoded into a barcode.

The benefits of barcoding include improved accuracy, improved efficiency, and improved traceability.

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