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Mobile Controls

The Hartfiel Mobile Controls group provides electronic control system solutions to manufacturers of on and off road equipment. With a broad product portfolio, and expertise in programming & integration, working with the Hartfiel Automation Mobile Controls group ensures success.



Whether your machine has just a few sensors and valves, or dozens, Hartfiel Automation has a selection of controllers and input/output devices meet the demands of your application. We’ve partnered with the industry’s leading suppliers to provide a variety of components to choose from; this allows us to select hardware that will match the application perfectly and eliminate the need to unnecessarily oversize the system and reduce efficiency.

J1939/CAN bus

For machines that have not made the transition to electronic controls, Hartfiel Automation can help you navigate the process and help in your engineering and development efforts to ensure a smooth and successful product launch.  CAN (controller area network) is what we use to connect our systems together so they can “talk” with one another.  What this means is that you can potentially reduce your wiring drastically, reducing your manufacturing time and increasing throughput.  CAN also allows us to connect to the J1939 CAN bus on your machine (if so equipped), this will allow your machine to become one unified system so all components can work with each other, not against.

Mobile machines typically have many different types of sensors, switches, valves, and lights that require monitoring and control.  When it comes to controlling devices and monitoring sensors, we have the experience and products that allow us to control everything from current controlled proportional hydraulic valves, to reading analog inclination sensors.

With the ability of our control systems able to gather so much useful data, it is important that your machine has the ability to display this information easily and efficiently.  We’ve partnered with the industry’s leading suppliers to provide a variety of displays to choose from.  Not all machines need a 12 inch touch screen; some may only need a small monochrome display.  We work with your company to size the display appropriately for the application

J1939/CAN bus
All of our displays use CAN (controller area network) to communicate with the rest of the control system.  This simple connection has the ability to give us access to the chassis/engine, and diagnostic information for the entire control system.

With the availability of data on the CAN network the display can have several uses.  If you simply want to show engine or PTO hours, we can do that.  If you want to create an interface with powerful graphics that allows for various setup menus, dashboards, and machine operation pages we can do that too.  Simply put; we can display the information your users need, no more, and no less.



At some point, a machine operator will need to control functions on the equipment.  Historically, this has been accomplished with hard-wired toggle switches and other unreliable and difficult to install solutions.  Keypads solve wiring issues, simplify installation, provide meaningful diagnostics, and can even add a modern appearance to an existing machine.  Hartfiel Automation has a variety of keypads available; whether you need just a few buttons, or dozens, we have a keypad for your application.

Mobile Keypads

CAN bus/Diagnostics

All of our keypads use CAN (controller area network) to communicate with the rest of the control system.  CAN bus allows the keypad to transmit the status of several buttons and receive LED commands for 4, 12, 16, or more buttons over a four wire connection.  Comparatively, if you were to hard-wire a toggle switch bank with twelve switches it would take a minimum of 13 wires!  The keypads have LEDs we can use to notify the operator of function status, flashing light means trouble, solid green light means ok.  If an issue arises, this simple level of diagnostics allows for pinpoint control system diagnosis.


We have keypads that offer 4, 6, 8, 12, and 16 button configurations.  Need more?  Simply add another keypad; since we’re connecting these with CAN, this will only add a simple four wire connection between the two.  Our keypads can have your specific text and/or graphics added to each button adding a customized feel to a standard product.



Radio Remotes

Sometimes, it is necessary to give the operator the ability to move freely around the machine while still maintaining control of it; maybe this is to keep people away from a dangerous area; maybe it is to simply add convenience, regardless, radio remotes provide a wireless connection to your machine.  Whether you need to control a crane, concrete mixer, or anything else, Hartfiel Automation has a radio remote to fit your application.


Mobile hand controlsThe hand-held radio remote is only half of the equation.  In order to actually control machine functions we will select a receiver to match your needs.  The receiver is responsible for listening to the remote, and controlling hydraulic valves outputs, lights, or almost anything else.  We offer receivers that perform simple on/off control, PWM control, and even receivers that offer a CAN bus interface for even easier integration.

Not all mobile machines are created equally, and that is why we have many different radio remote configurations available.  We offer everything from a simple four button hand-held remote, to a pistol-grip remote, all the way up to a large belly-box remote.  Many of the radio remotes are semi-customizable; this means that if you need a pistol-grip remote with three toggle switches and one joystick, we can meet your requirements.


Wire Harnesses

Connecting the various electrical components in your machine together is easier said than done.  Not only is wiring one of the most tedious tasks while assembling a mobile machine, but if not done correctly can lead to hours and even days of lost time spent troubleshooting.  A properly designed and built wire harness from Hartfiel Automation can help improve machine performance, reduce machine assembly time, and reduce wiring complexity.

When it comes to designing a wire harness, Hartfiel Automation has the experience necessary to help your company through the process.  We partner with our customers during the design phase, so if you don’t have an existing wire harness drawing, we can assist by working with you to gather measurements, define necessary components, and ultimately create a CAD drawing of the finished product. 

Troubleshooting wiring systems is one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks at most OEMs.  To help minimize the time you spend doing this, we offer wire harnesses that are 100% production tested using automated equipment.


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