Hartfiel Automation serves off-road, on-road agricultural and construction related markets. Hartfiel also offers an in-house dedicated mobile controls group.

Products & Technology

Hartfiel Automation provides Mobile Controls for Mobile Equipment in manufacturing
Mobile market demands high quality, ruggedized solutions.  Hartfiel provides a vast array of solutions to OEM’s in this area.  Whether it’s a touch screen, full control from a ruggedized PLC, or simply an inclination sensor Hartifel solves OEM’s mobile challenges.
Hartfiel Automation provides servo motors for mobile equipment in manufacturing industry
Servo motors and Mobile rated servo drives are now a reality in the market.  Moving from a hydraulic driven motor to a servo motor allowed the OEM customer to have much more precise control in the delivery of product.  Hartfiel’s expertise in servo motion and mobile control solved this complex, precision solution.
Hartfiel Automation provides sensors for Mobile Equipment to help improve safety and performance
Whether it’s monitoring pressures, collision avoidance, or measuring temperatures, Hartfiel Automation has ruggedized sensors designed and built for Mobile Equipment.  Adding sensors to your equipment will help you gain useful diagnostic information, along with improving safety, and overall improved machine performance.
Hartfiel Automation and Mac provide pneumatic solutions for mobile equipment
The mobile market has some of the harshest environments possible.  Hartfiel Automation and Mac valves have specialized products and solutions to not only hold up to these harsh environments, but have an extended product life well beyond our competitors.