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CAN bus/Diagnostics

At some point, a machine operator will need to control functions on the equipment.  Historically, this has been accomplished with hard-wired toggle switches and other unreliable and difficult to install solutions.  Keypads solve wiring issues, simplify installation, provide meaningful diagnostics, and can even add a modern appearance to an existing machine.  Hartfiel Automation has a variety of keypads available; whether you need just a few buttons, or dozens, we have a keypad for your application.

CAN bus/Diagnostics

All of our keypads use CAN (controller area network) to communicate with the rest of the control system.  CAN bus allows the keypad to transmit the status of several buttons and receive LED commands for 4, 12, 16, or more buttons over a four wire connection.  Comparatively, if you were to hard-wire a toggle switch bank with twelve switches it would take a minimum of 13 wires!  The keypads have LEDs we can use to notify the operator of function status, flashing light means trouble, solid green light means ok.  If an issue arises, this simple level of diagnostics allows for pinpoint control system diagnosis.


We have keypads that offer 4, 6, 8, 12, and 16 button configurations.  Need more?  Simply add another keypad; since we’re connecting these with CAN, this will only add a simple four wire connection between the two.  Our keypads can have your specific text and/or graphics added to each button adding a customized feel to a standard product.

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