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Specialty Machine

Hartfiel Automation provides a wide range of components and solutions for special applications.

Products & Technology


This Key OEM could not find a pneumatic partner due their long list of special and complex needs. Hartfiel and Mac valves not only solved these needs but created a product path for the customer that will last years into the future. This demanding applicaton requires hundreds of millions of cycles on each valve.


Today Packaging OEM’s are required to look at new ways to solve old problems. Continuous movement and varied product size are but two complexities for todays machine builder. Delta robots offer a solution to these needs.


Todays machine builders are discovering that it is increasingly difficult to diffentiate equipment based on mechanical function alone. Todays automated equipment is often focused on software. It is this software that truly seperates one machine from the next. B&R offers software solutions that crush their competition. Take the time to discover what thousands of OEM’s already have: B&R is better.