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Safety systems from SICK unite personal safety and productivity. They consist of software and hardware specifically adapted to various applications and can be easily integrated into plants with the corresponding documentation. For example, safety systems can be designed to solve the following applications: Robots, automated material flows, AGVs or AMRs.

Banner Engineering’s  comprehensive collection of products provide the highest levels of  safety without compromising productivity.

Keep your people, equipment, and property safe with  80/20 T-slot machine guards, create physical barriers, security frames, and more.

Swivellink offers Stronguard®.   Flexible, affordable, easy-to-install modular guarding.

Fortress designs and manufactures customized safety equipment, protecting people working in hazardous workplaces.

Their interlocks control access into potentially hazardous areas, ensuring the area is safe before the employee can enter, keeping the employee safe while a task such as essential maintenance is being carried out.

Omron, your trusted partner in safety. Protecting workers from harm is a universal industry goal, but machine and plant safety can often seem intimidating. The complex maze of standards and regulations can be difficult to navigate without the right help.

Omron’s unmatched combination of expertise, products and services can help you protect your team without sacrificing output.

Panasonic Sensor Solutions offer a comprehensive and constantly evolving range of technologies that allow design engineers to easily choose and implement the Sensor technology best suited for existing and ever-emerging new applications, all from a single, world-class supplier.

For 60 years Larco has focused its efforts on developing and producing the most reliable and durable presence-sensing safety mats available.

Safety controllers provide intelligence to the mat system by monitoring the safety mat for malfunctions due to incorrect wiring or physical damage.

Combining these products into a complete system provides a complete solution for your machine guarding needs.
SICK Safety
Banner Engineering Safety

Designed to be easy to use and implement, developed to protect personnel and equipment from accident and injury, and built to perform reliably in challenging environments, our comprehensive collection of machine safety products provide the highest levels of safety without compromising productivity.

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