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Hartfiel Automation offers a wide range of Robotics. From single axis to Cartesian; Scara to 6 axis and beyond, Hartfiel Automation's experience in robotics will guide cusotmers from selection of robot to commissioning a robot at their site.


Conveyance with high efficiency using double arms.
  • With 2 Z axes made available by using Cartesian XZ, reduction of both of the total tact time and installation space is intended.
  • Customization only possible because a highly rigid frame and guide are used.

Cartesian Robotics

The YK400XR was engineered to bring the superior quality and high performance of the Yamaha SCARA line into a new economical design.
  • Shortest Cycle Time in its Class- Maximum robot performance achieves a standard cycle time of 0.45 seconds.
  • Superior Cost Performance- Economy model of the Yamaha SCARA line up.
  • Versatile, High Performance RCX340 Controller- Combination of the YK400XR robot and new RCX340 controller enable operation of up to 16 axes with simple networking.

  Scara Robotics

Delta robots with two or three axes are ideal for Pick & Place applictions in which high speeds are desired. Delta robots are built with high quality parts. The parallel kinematics design is clean and fast.

Delta Robots

Now you can replace human operators in dirty, dangerous, and dull jobs to reduce repetitive strain and accidental injuries. Eighty percent of the thousands of UR robots worldwide operate with no safety guarding (after risk assessment), right beside human operators. The safety system of our robots is approved and certified by TÜV (The German Technical Inspection Association).

Collaborative Robotics


Food & Beverage Boxing


Mill Machine Tending


Obscure Shape Buffing


Window Dispensing


Intrepid Industries Open House


Six Axis

6 axis robots are essential in today's manufacturing process. They are fast, versatile, and can increase production for a variety of industries. 6 axis robots come in a variety of sizes and configurations.

6 Axis Robotics Racer3 is a powerful, high speed, 6-axis articulated robot that increases productivity and reduces overall costs for manufacturers of all sizes, by automating industrial applications with extreme accuracy, precision and versatility.

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Autonomous mobile robots are changing the way businesses move materials inside their facilities. They have complete flexibility and smart technology that allows them to be used in nearly any situation. Autonomous mobile robots can be used where employees are spending time pushing carts or making deliveries. Now you can automate these tasks, so employees can focus on higher value activities.



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