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PHD offers a wide variety of pneumatic grippers available for internal and external gripping uses and have various jaw styles to adapt to any application. They range from high-precision miniature sizes to heavy-duty models capable of more than 1600 pounds of grip force.

PHD offers angular grippers that open at an angle and parallel grippers that open directly apart. Pneumatic and electric grippers with a wide assortment of options and accessories. The options provide flexibility to utilize the best end effector for pick and place, industrial assembly, and end of arm tooling for robotic automation systems.

Robotiq makes Plug and Play end effectors for collaborative robots, including Adaptive Robot Grippers plus the Wrist Camera, Force Torque Sensor and Automation

Get started with OnRobot’s plug-and-produce automation solutions. Find the right EOAT and end effectors; grippers, sensors and tool changers for your production.

Joulin, the inventor of the foam vacuum gripper, manufactures innovative handling systems from the simple foam vacuum gripper integrated on your palletizing robots to the complete turnkey stacker for the wood industry.

Piab’s modular components are designed to comply with market standards of both tubular and square profile systems.

Piab offers all the needed component groups such as  part grippers, gripping fingers, mounting elements, suction cups and vacuum generation, robot mounting interfaces, sensors and much more.

Millibar continuously develops innovative solutions to solve robotic and material handling challenges.

Millibar manual tool changers for collaborative robots make robot redeployment extremely fast and easy for any operator.
PHD Optimax Gripper
Robotiq Trio
End of Arm Tooling

End of arm tooling (EOAT) is a crucial aspect of robotic technology. It refers to the equipment that interacts with parts and components, typically at the end of a robotic arm. For example, the welding torch on a robotic welding system.

The EOAT gives a robot a specific functionality and can be changed to fit different applications or even be built to accommodate several processes at once. EOAT is an important part of a robotic system. It’s what gives a robot its functionality, and as EOAT advances, so does robotics.

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