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Antaira offers a variety of industrial IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless AP/bridge/client products that deliver reliable performance across harsh weather and environmental conditions. They design and manufacture industrial wireless solutions utilizing the most modern WiFi technology. Antaira devices are resistant to electromagnetic disturbances, periods of voltage instability, extreme temperature fluctuations, as well as intense shocks and vibrations.

Markets such as oil/gas, power/utility, transportation, security, and automation utilize our products for their unmatched reliability and performance.

Wireless products from Banner connect remote assets with the people who mange them enabling real-time monitoring and management of equipment and conditions.
Industrial Wireless
Industrial Wireless

With wireless solutions, users can remotely access and manage or monitor equipment. There is no longer a requirement for personnel to climb a long ladder, descend into the depths of a mine, or enter other unpleasant or potentially dangerous environment to check on equipment.

If the equipment is connected to a wide area network (WAN), then there is no need to even be near the equipment, which can reduce the cost and the inconveniences of traveling.

Industrial wireless solutions provide your facility with reliable, continuous data that improves safety, efficiency and the environment through monitoring of process measurement  And now you’ll be able to monitor points that previously were too costly or unsafe to access.

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