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Oil & Gas

Many companies require specific parts and specialty tools to extract, deliver, and refine oil. Hartfiel provides many different solutions to help the oil and gas industry be more productive and find better ways to locate resources.

Products & Technology


In hazardous environments, B&R has you covered. With ATEX and Hazardous Rated I/O you can trust your process is secure. Modules from B&R's X20 controller system are now certified for ATEX Zone 2 and HazLoc Division 2 environments. These modules can now be used in locations where explosive atmospheres may temporarily occur in the event of an error. This certification is required in bottling plants for high-proof alcohol, spirits and cleaning agents. Heating and air conditioning equipment may also fall under the ATEX directive in the European Union or the ANSI/ISA 12.12.01-2007 standard in the USA. The same applies to a wide variety of other applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


Hartfiel and Mac valves have several series of valves rated for ATEX. Please consult your salesperson for specific details on these products and how they can be properly applied to your application.


Many people carry Hydraulic Cylinders. Hartfiel and TRD are experts. With both medium and heavy duty offerings, and capabilities to do stainless steel and many other custom actuators, call us for your Hydraulic Cylinder needs.