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B&R I/O systems are versatile and easy to use. With IP20 and IP67 protection, this is true in any combination, both inside and outside the control cabinet. And they also support all standard fieldbus systems. Complete flexibility regarding topology makes it possible for the I/O system to be optimally adapted to the machine. Standard I/O can be mixed with safe I/O, and decentralized intelligence is embedded in the I/O system so that things like condition monitoring can be easily implemented.

IDEC designs and build products that make the interactions between people and machines safer, more efficient, and more productive.

s a specialist in sensor, fieldbus, and connectivity – as well as interface technology, human-machine interfaces (HMI), and RFID systems – Turck offers efficient solutions for factory and process automation applications.

Advantech is a leading provider of industrial PCs, offering diverse edge computers with high performance and rugged design. With almost 40-year experience in the global IPC market, Advantech has diverse reliable technologies and solutions for implementing edge computing, IoT and AIoT, that can provide customers with application-oriented products.

Panasonic PLCs offer an outstanding price-performance benefit that incorporates numerous functions including PID, adaptive filters, electronic cam control, multi-axis interpolation and more, all in a very compact body.

Panasonic PLCs undergo extremely rigorous testing during development that far exceeds the demands that will be placed on them. This allows for the long life of the product in end-use applications.

Optimum performance and availability: Thanks to their ultra-high performance, low power consumption, numerous interfaces, space-saving design and high reliability, WAGO’s user-friendly controllers (PLCs) are cost-effective automation solutions.

Omron Automation is dedicated to providing technologies for a complete, end-to-end automation solution for your industry. Omron provides strategic solutions to design your next successful application.

Beijer automation solutions provides advanced automation challenges while reducing complexity and engineering time through smart, open, industry solutions.
I/O Input and Output

Inputs and outputs (I/O) are fundamental to the world of computing, industrial control and data/information processing. Without them, industrial and electronic devices of all kinds would have no way of receiving data, and the user would have no way of manipulating or interacting with the data sources. They form the basis of our relationship with almost all the industrial devices we use,.

As a key component of industrial systems, I/O modules ensure connectivity and control of systems, processes and devices. They usually include analog channels, digital channels or a combination of both. Analog inputs can detect various signals including frequency, voltage or current. Digital I/O are used for low-level on/off signals. I/O modules that have analog inputs and digital outputs often incorporate an analog-to-digital (A to D) converter to process the signal.

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