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Antaira offers a variety of industrial Ethernet switches, including industrial-grade network switches, DIN mount switches, and Ethernet switchboards, that can perform efficiently in adverse weather conditions and industrial environments. Antaira’s top-quality industrial switches with network redundancy operate efficiently in rugged, mission-critical applications.

Markets that utilize their industrial Ethernet switches include automation processes, smart transportation systems, security operations, and power/utility plants.

Connectivity is an essential part of your automation solution that ties everything together. Turck’s solution provides a solid foundation for your application with a high standard for quality and a fast and flexible approach, allowing you to make the right connections.

WAGO Corporation provides North America with leading edge interconnect, electronic interface, and automation solutions.

Since its inception in 1979, WAGO Corporation has fulfilled the needs of US industry by providing fast, safe, and reliable connectivity solutions that reflect the inherent values of a wide range of customers.
Industrial Ethernet
WAGO Switch
Industrial Ethernet

Ethernet is employed in industrial environments sometimes in conjunction with protocols that deliver real-time control and determinism, the system is called Industrial Ethernet. Industrial Ethernet devices must be more robust than standard office Ethernet equipment. Ethernet equipment designed to operate in industrial environments must tolerate an extended ranged of temperature, humidity, vibration, electrical noise, and physical contamination (oil, water sprays).

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