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Busch Vacuum Solutions is  a manufacturer of vacuum pumps and systems, compressors, and blowers. The comprehensive product portfolio encompasses solutions tailored for vacuum and overpressure applications across diverse industries, such as chemicals, semiconductors, plastics, and food.

The products have a wide array of applications, ranging from packaging food and sterilizing medical equipment to lifting substantial steel tubes.
Busch Vacuum Side Blower

A vacuum blower is a type of vacuum generator. There are three types of vacuum generators: ejectors, vacuum pumps, and vacuum blowers. Each is used for a different purpose. The main applications of vacuum are adsorption by suction pads and degassing by depressurizing the system.
Vacuum pumps and vacuum blowers, on the other hand, are electrically driven and can create a vacuum efficiently. Ejectors can also be used in areas where hazardous materials are used by using air as the driving force.

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