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Hartfiel Automation acquires Advanced Pneumatics Company

Written by: Meaghan Dahlke

Hartfiel Automation, Inc. announced today that it has acquired Advanced Pneumatics Company, Inc.

Advanced Pneumatics, with offices in Fredericksburg, Virginia and Concord (greater Charlotte area), North Carolina expands Hartfiel’s national service area from 11 to 17 states and increases its east coast coverage from Georgia to Delaware.

Myron J. Moser, CEO of Hartfiel, said, “Hartfiel is excited about combining the strength of the Advanced Pneumaticsfamily with our own.Our decision to purchase APC was an easy one.As long-time MDN Partners, we have known and respected Advanced Pneumatics' leadership and people for decades. Advanced Pneumatics is a well-run company with talented people, has a strong presence in the six States in which it operates, an excellent customer base, and provides Hartfiel with great product and solution expansion opportunities.Our Company cultures are very synergistic. We are excited to be working with Robert Church and his excellent team at Advanced Pneumatics, to bring our company families together.”

Robert E. Church, President and CEO of Advanced Pneumatics, said, “The opportunity to join forces with a well respected, successful Company such as Hartfiel Automation will provide the resources needed to continue to grow Advanced Pneumatics’ marketplace position and build stronger relationships with both our customers and suppliers.I am particularly excited about the opportunities for personal career growth that will be available to our employees as a result of being part of a much larger organization.”

Hartfiel Automation, Inc. has been in business since 1958. Hartfiel Automation is driven by its mission to build a Stronger America by Strengthening Manufacturing with Innovative Automation solutions.

The acquisition was completed effective January 1, 2016. For more information about Hartfiel Automation, Inc., please visit

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