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Nebullam Works with Hartfiel Automation to Create Indoor Farming Environment Using Custom 8020 Components

Written by: Scott Schaeuble, 8020 Specialist

We wanted to share an update on our growing relationship with an exciting new company called Nebullam. Hartfiel began working with Nebullam in 2018 and first supplied them with cut lengths 8020. With each prototype that was created, Hartfiel Automation eventually became a consultant on the project.  The components included were custom sheet metal and brackets designed by Hartfiel Automation.  The most recent 40ft long machine will ship to Nebullam assembled in modular sections and this will be accomplished by bringing components from multiple vendors into the Hartfiel facility and kitted by the Hartfiel Value Add team.  The kits will then be shipped to 8020, and the 8020 build team will assemble and ship the modular assemblies to Nebullam in custom crates.

“Nebullam’s mission is to empower anyone, anywhere to become an indoor farmer. After Nebullam completes its own indoor farm in the Iowa State University Research Park in 2021, it will launch franchised farms in cities throughout the United States, using its proprietary growing equipment and software.”
“The Hartfiel team has been incredible for walking through each of our needs; from the earliest moments when we had prototypes, to our most recent order this week. We would’t be progressing on our mission without this partnership.” Clayton Mooney, Co-Founder and CEO of Nebullam, Inc.
We look forward continued growth and already have improvement ideas for machines in 2021.