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Modernizing Your Controls Platform for Next-Generation Technology

ATLAS™ is Hartfiel’s trademarked process that provides a roadmap to simplify and de-risk the migration process of changing your controls platform.

Does your current controls platform position you for success in a landscape defined by IIoT, Industry 4.0, and machine to machine communication? Changing controller technology is one of the biggest decisions your business can make.

What is ATLAS™

Terms like Smart Manufacturing, IIoT, AI, Industry 4.0, and Machine to Machine Communication are dominating manufacturing discussions. Automated control systems, central to these developments, pose a challenge for many OEMs unprepared for the future. Rapid advancements in software and data acquisition have made an OEM’s intellectual property reliant on their controls platform.

Controller capabilities have evolved, rendering outdated what was modern five years ago. The end of the hardware driven bus wars in 2020 has paved the way for a common protocol, OPC UA/TSN, enhancing equipment capabilities.

Hartfiel and Fiero Automation lead in helping customers achieve automation goals. Through the ATLAS process, a well-defined roadmap ensures clarity, structure, and confidence in control migration, aiming to eliminate risks associated with implementing new hardware and software.

Starting with consultation in the selection and specification of components, through on-site training and start-up assistance, our skilled solution experts are committed to partnering with you to develop the modernized, future-proof controls platform for the exact solution you need.

Why It Matters:  
Changing controller technology is a significant decision for OEMs, offering opportunities to modernize, differentiate, and increase profits. 

With growing demands and technological advancements, OEMs strive to create next-generation solutions but often face limitations in controller or supplier capabilities.

How We Achieve ATLAS:
Our controls experts team partner with you to create a modernized, future-proof controls platform. Hartfiel and Fiero Automation’s team of over 20 hardware and software engineers ensure proper specification, programming and
long-term training and support:

  • Collaborate with customers for successful equipment design
  • Use a consultative approach in hardware selection
  • Create intuitive, scalable software solutions
  • Offer short-term, mid-term, and long-term support for hardware and software solutions

ATLAS Project Management

  • Understand overall business goals
  • Define hardware/software goals
  • Identify IOT readiness strategy
  • Establish energy, condition monitoring, machine learning  goals
  • ATLAS team ensures technology aligns with your needs
  • Establish the functional requirements of your machine
  • Discuss and agree on need for technology migration – mutual decision to move forward.
  •  Reach commercial agreement to get started on development
  • Design and develop your machine solution to meet established goals
  • Develop technology aligned with project needs
  • Test and adjust specifications based on real time data and commercial impact
  • Iterate development to maximize flexibility and impact
  • Build and test prototypes
  • Work with customer to review project progress and determine any modifications
  • Agree on final solution that satisfies and supports established goals
  • Define a support plan for ongoing support from ATLAS
  • Transition the project through from the ATLAS team to your team
  • Wrap-up the project with formal signoff and feedback from your team
  • Provide ongoing support from the ATLAS team where needed

Data Analytics | Machine Learning | Industry 4.0

Customer demands for more fully connected, capable machines are on the rise and expected to accelerate throughout the next decade. Machine builders who are prepared with solutions that enable end users to leverage these new technologies will have drastic advantages when compared to their slower moving competitors.

Atlas Charts


Customer Demands vs. Bottom Line Profit Growth

Demands such as predictive maintenance, reduced footprint size, machine flexibility, improved user experience, and intelligent machines will all be major drivers in this evolution of equipment.

These new trends will also change the way machine builders do business. Machine modularity, comprehensive intuitive diagnostics, fleet/asset monitoring, rapid prototyping/development and enhanced service models are all key drivers that will affect growth and profitability for these companies.

Customer Success with the ATLAS Process

Pet Wash Manufacturer Achieves High Machine Reliability and Uptime

Hartfiel Collaborates with Stone Fabricator for Advanced CNC Control

Machine Manufacturer Achieves Faster Cycle Times and High Accuracy

Let ATLAS Take the Risk and Complexity Out of Changing Your Controls Platform