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Automated Pet Wash Manufacturer Achieves High Machine Reliability and Uptime


Evolution Dog Wash is a leading provider of innovative dog washing solutions. Their latest offering, the Mini Series, is a state-of-the-art commercial dog washing station designed for installation in various locations such as apartments, vet clinics, car washes, pet stores, and dog parks.

The Mini Series control system, powered by an IDEC PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and a range of relays, offers a user-friendly interface for operators to control the various functionalities of the dog washing station.


Evolution Dog Wash recognized the need for a versatile control system and asked Hartfiel’s ATLAS Controls Engineering Team to design a system that would allow users to easily select and operate different modes of the dog washing process. The objective was to create an efficient and user-friendly control system that would provide seamless functionality and enhance the overall user experience.


To meet the requirements set forth by Evolution Dog Wash, the ATLAS team implemented a control system for the Mini Series that incorporated an IDEC PLC connected to relays for different modes of operation. ATLAS was able to program the PLC to a specific configuration of modes that allows for a user-friendly experience while also being efficient and high quality.

The system included the following modes:

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  • User-friendly operation easy for operators to navigate
  • Enhanced efficiency ensured by IDEC PLC relay-based control system
  • Consistency and quality from controlled functions
  • Increased hygiene and safety minimizing the risk of contamination

The Future

Evolution Dog Wash recognizes the importance of continuous improvement and innovation in meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

As part of their future plans, the company aims to develop and implement additional control systems for future dog wash stations, building upon the success of the Mini Series.

About Hartfiel Automation’s Engineering Services

Hartfiel Automation’s ATLAS Controls Engineering Team focuses on partnering with customers to achieve success in their equipment design and manufacturing.

Starting with consultation in the selection and specification of components, through on-site training and start-up assistance—our team is committed to providing the engineering support required to create the hi-tech equipment of today’s manufacturing marketplace.

Hartfiel’s ATLAS project approach provides a well-defined road map that gives clarity and provides structure and confidence to the process of migrating to a new, full featured and future-proof platform.

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