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Hartfiel Collaborates with Stone Fabricator for Advanced CNC Control


Park Industries, a leader in stone fabrication since 1953, specializes in countertop fabrication and finishing machines. 

Park and Hartfiel Automation co-developed a series of 5-Axis CNC machines used to cut custom countertops. These CNC machines utilize a 15 in. wet saw with variants that are equipped with a water jet. The machines take in a CAD drawing and produce a cut-out countertop ready for edge finishing.


Park Industries was looking for a partner to provide a solution for advanced CNC control at a competitive price. The controller would have to be capable of processing custom G-Code, support a custom C# .NET front end, use SafeMOTION servo axes to ensure safe waterjet operation, while remaining at a low cost.


A B&R system was provided by Hartfiel Automation as the solution to the requirements of the machine control.  A PPC3100 with an Intel i5 processor with a Hypervisor system was used to allow both Windows 10 and B&R’s Automation Runtime to run on separate cores. With this system, the motion controller, PLC and PC were all combined into one piece of hardware for cost savings and part reduction.

The SafeMOTION ACOPOS P3 servo drives were selected to provide world-class motion control alongside redundant safety monitoring to ensure the waterjet would stay in the defined workspace. The ACOPOS inverter P86 was utilized for the 27 HP arbor motor. The SLX safety controller was used for all the safety sensors as well as the SafeMOTION Master. The IO was handled by the X20 series and was distributed throughout the machine to reduce wiring by use of the Powerlink communication system. 

For the software, the Mapp framework was used to greatly simplify the implementation of the recipe handling, alarms system, axis control, CNC control and other integral functions of the machine. B&R’s Automation Studio was used to bring together both the hardware and software in the many machine configurations. Automation Studio is the all-in-one software suite used for the development, commissioning and troubleshooting of all aspects of the controls system. 

The Hartfiel ATLAS team co-developed each machine variant with the Park Industries engineers. Hartfiel’s ATLAS team has fully committed to ensure Park Industries’ success in this joint venture– from initial design specifications, to programming and testing, to ongoing product support and service.


  • The engineering services that Hartfiel Automation’s ATLAS team provided, along with design of the solution of these machines, resulted in the machines becoming the sought-after product lines in Park Industries targeted markets (North America).

The Future

  • Park Industries continues to view Hartfiel Automation as a valued partner. 
  • Hartfiel actively engages with Park Industries on new product development and continues to evaluate for potential supported hardware upgrades.

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