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Custom 8020 Cart for MiR Autonomous Mobile Robots

Written by: Scott Schaeuble, 8020 Product Specialist

We would like to share a recent project with Justin Van Soelen at Vermeer Corp in Pella, IA.  The project started with a need for a system of MiR autonomous mobile robots to help move components around a new Vermeer facility.

In addition, they needed 100 carts to work with the MiRs.  Justin liked the idea of using the slotted aluminum framing system from 8020 Inc to help save on weight and increase flexibility in the future.

He felt this would be a good option due to the variety of carts and components the MiRs will need to move.

We worked hand-in-hand with Justin and MiR engineers to develop a custom cart that met Vermeer’s needs and MiR’s critical function.  The images below show our transition through design phases to a working prototype. (cart is hauling 650 lbs. of steel during testing)

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