Known across the world for their safety products and expertise, you always know you are safe when you use SICK. SICK’s LifeTime Services not only assess and validate your machines, but can also teach you how to use them safely. That combined with their comprehensive safety portfolio means that no hazard will go unguarded. 

Safety Products!

Flexi Soft - Intelligence meets flexibility in SICK’s Flexi Soft relay. Completely modular design means that you will always have the right solution for your machine. Software programmability gives you all of the control you need to make sure your machine is 100% safe. Easy to use programing means you can have your machine control up and running in minimal time.


deTec4 Light curtain -  Simple and safe, the deTec4 offers category 4 protection in a small package. With no dead zones on the end of the curtains you are free to mount the deTec4 in a way to keep it completely safe. IP67 housing and temperatures down to -30oC enables you to use this curtain in even the most harsh conditions.