For when you need more information than a standard sensor gives you. SICK has a wide range of vision products, from low cost vision sensors to high end 3D vision systems. SICK’s vision products are built for the same industrial environments that their sensors live in every day. For when you need to measure, inspect, locate and identify SICK’s vision is there.

Inspector Vision Sensor - The Inspector is your answer to any application where you need high-speed positioning, inspection and measurement. Using SICK’s free software, SOPAS, to program and in house lighting you are able to quickly get your application running. Ethernet communication means you always know what is going on in your process. 

Ranger 3D vision Camera - SICK’s Ranger offers 3D vision at unmatched speed and quality. Using Gigabit Ethernet you are able to get accurate size and position measurements in 3D regardless of an object’s height or color. No matter the size or accuracy you need the Ranger will meet your application’s specification.