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The Fiero Automation ATLAS Controls Engineering Team focuses on partnering with customers to achieve success in their equipment design and manufacturing. Fiero’s ATLAS project approach provides a well-defined road map that gives clarity and provides structure and confidence to the process of migrating to a new, full featured and future-proof platform. Starting with consultation in the selection and specification of components, through on-site training and start-up assistance, Fiero Automation is committed to providing the engineering support required to create the hi-tech equipment of todays manufacturing marketplace.



The well documented ATLAS project management approach that Fiero Automation provides will ensure that customer needs are met in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Fiero Automation can provide complete prototyping and development. The engineering team works with customers through hardware specification, electrical design and programming in order to ensure applications work for specific project needs.


Fiero Automation provides customers with engineering support from panel design, software application development to system layout and troubleshooting. Qualified engineers on staff are available to field any question throughout the entire process.


Training is an important part of the Fiero Automation culture. Whether short-term assistance or classroom style training the engineering team at Fiero Automation will provide all the necessary information and training in order to be successful.