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Manufacturing Intelligent Sensor and Sensor Solutions for Industrial Applications

From factory automation to logistics automation and process automation, SICK’s sensor solutions are keeping industry moving. As a technology and market leader, SICK provides sensor intelligence and application solutions that create the perfect basis for controlling processes securely and efficiently, protecting individuals from accidents, and preventing damage to the environment.

New From SICK

W10: World’s first Photoelectric Sensor with a Touchscreen

This innovative photoelectric sensor embodies simplicity, streamlining, and security—setting new standards for ease of use and operational efficiency.

The touchscreen display is revolutionary. Just swipe up, select, and configure. The W10 guides you effortlessly through the operating modes needed for any installation from the very big to the very small.

With just four product variants, the W10 turns the headache of having to select and stock perhaps hundreds of different spares into a single part number.

SICK W10 Photoelectric Sensor Demo:

A 3-minute demonstration on how effectively the W10 handles tough photo eye challenges: looking at shiny and dark objects against a mirrored surface and shiny, crinkly objects.


  • Simple

    The W10 boasts the title of the world‘s first touch screen user interface for sensor setup. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual configurations—this device offers a simple, intuitive, and confident setup experience

  • Streamlined

    In a move toward efficiency, SICK has introduced the one for all concept with the W10. For all applications, the W10 combines range, speed, resolution, precision, and robustness in a one for all sensor concept with different modes.

  • Secure
    Security is paramount in industrial settings, and the W10 addresses this concern with its button-free interface and lockout ability. By eliminating physical buttons, the W10 minimizes the risk of unwanted in-field changes, ensuring that your settings remain consistent and secure.

SICK product ranges

Photoelectric sensors from SICK are the intelligent solution for many demanding applications. 

The high detection quality of SICK sensors ensures accurate object detection results. They are also characterized by their high level of ruggedness and durability, resulting in reduced downtimes and increased productivity of your machines and systems.

SICK’s safety expertise makes the interplay between humans and machines safer and more productive. 

With innovative product offerings including everything from light beam sensors, safety controllers, camera sensors, light beam sensors to laser scanners, you can count on SICK to help you achieve safe productivity.

Vision solutions are ideal for automated inspection and measurement tasks. SICK’s 2D and 3D vision cameras can be used to solve a wide range of applications where there is a need to measure, locate, inspect and identify. 

SICK’s vision products are built for industrial environments, carefully designed to leverage their 60-plus years of experience with industrial sensors.


SICK safeVisionary2 – Find out more about the world’s first 3D time-of-flight (TOF) compact camera for increasing productivity and reimagining 3D safety for mobile robots.

Find out how machine manufacturer Viking Engineering partnered with Hartfiel’s ATLAS Engineering Group to attain a 20% gain in product output with a 50% decrease in labor cost.

Common Products – In Stock and Low Cost Inductive Sensors, Encoders, Cylinder Sensors and Cables


Five minutes to train AI – Watch Josh demonstrate how SICK’s Inspector P Cameras utilizes AI to locate defects

Introducing safeVisionary2 – Safe 3D camera makes human-robot collaboration more efficient.

flexLock: An all-round safety locking device.

3D LiDAR sensor multiScan100 – Detects and localizes in various 3D applications.

Increasing safety, raising productivity.