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Autonomous Robots Optimize Assembly Process and Improve Safety


Hartfiel Automation connected with a large power company that stands as a frontrunner in the realm of generators and power systems. With expertise spanning a diverse array of applications, they cater to the needs of both densely populated urban areas and the most remote locations. Whether it’s the provision of generators for homes or comprehensive industrial solutions, this company showcases a remarkable range in their offerings. Their commitment to excellence shines through as they navigate the intricate landscape of power generation, demonstrating unparalleled versatility and reliability in the industry.

MiR250 Dunnage


Within this company, a complex logistics scenario arises when various components arrive for assembly on dedicated lines. The presence of components in their original packaging introduces a dunnage logistics challenge they needed the ATLAS team to address. The key challenge lies in efficiently handling this dunnage—retrieving, delivering it to a designated area, and returning with empty containers. A proposed benchmark of six trips per hour adds an element of urgency, emphasizing the need for efficiency in managing the logistics issue. Striking a balance between optimizing the assembly process and ensuring operational safety adds another layer of complexity to the situation.


To address this challenge, The ATLAS team implemented three MiR 250s working collaboratively. These autonomous robots navigated facility aisles, each managing a portion of the dunnage logistics puzzle. Safety measures were also integrated according to the site’s requirements. A custom PLC program facilitated communication between a call button system for operator requests and the MiR Fleet.


  • 25% reduction in labor costs
  • 98% mission success rate
  • Enhanced workplace conditions

The safety-integrated solution successfully managed dunnage logistics highlights this partnership’s commitment to innovation. The completion of the project demonstrated the ability to overcome intricate challenges, creating a harmonious blend of technological optimization and a secure working environment.

The Future

The power company acknowledges the benefits of integrating automation into their supply chain and production systems. The company is actively seeking out and focusing on additional use cases for MiR products, showcasing a dedication to harnessing innovative solutions for improved efficiency across various operational areas.

It’s intriguing to observe how they will further leverage automation to optimize different facets of their operations.

About Hartfiel Automation’s Engineering Services

Hartfiel Automation’s ATLAS Controls Engineering Team focuses on partnering with customers to achieve success in their equipment design and manufacturing.

Starting with consultation in the selection and specification of components, through on-site training and start-up assistance—our team is committed to providing the engineering support required to create the hi-tech equipment of today’s manufacturing marketplace.

Hartfiel’s ATLAS project approach provides a well-defined road map that gives clarity and provides structure and confidence to the process of migrating to a new, full featured and future-proof platform.

Whether you’re looking for some short-term assistance with training or prototyping or outsourcing the programming and start-up of a complete system, we can help.