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Fiero Automation is one of the largest suppliers of automation components in the mountain states. Our product offering and technical capabilities encompass a wide array of products of the latest technologies of robotics, vision systems, sensors, PLC controls and a variety of other critical automation components.

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What makes B&R’s track technology unique?

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B&R’s innovative mechatronic systems make it possible to manufacture small batches and individualized products economically. ACOPOStrak, SuperTrak and ACOPOS 6D transport workpieces through a machine individually and without being bound to rigid timing. The result is unprecedented productivity.

B&R has developed its mechatronic systems specifically for 24/7 industrial operation. They are designed for high availability under demanding conditions.

This highly flexible transport system extends the economy of mass production down to batches of one.

Uses magnet technology to guide individually controllable shuttles along a track using long stator linear motors.

Magnetic levitating shuttles move individual products freely through the machine.


MAC’s Bullet Valve® line of products features MAC patented Bullet™ technology.

This “lifting” solenoid configuration is unique in that the valve maintains a balanced design – a signature feature of a MAC valve. Thus, shifting forces are consistently high and response times are more repeatable despite inlet pressure fluctuations. 2-way, 3-way and 4-way configurations of the bullet valve are available.

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Fiero Value Add Services

At Fiero Automation we strive to meet your needs and that sometimes requires more than just a single part. This is where the advanced skills of our Value-Added Team delivers solutions that fit our customer’s needs.

Our Value-Added Department partially or completely assembles components from a bill of customer approved materials into subassemblies (kits). This allows you to order one item, tested and ready to install, under one purchase order.

Get in touch and let us assemble so you can focus on your core competencies to grow your business.

We Now Offer Online Engineering Support

Fiero’s Online Engineering Support Portal serves as both a knowledge base and a help center for our customers.

In our support portal, customers can stay up-to-date on the latest support announcements, find helpful links, submit and check the status of support tickets, and more!

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