Cylinders, Actuators, & Slides
Series ECV Ball Screw and Lead Screw Electric Cylinders are electric rod style actuators with ISO and VDMA mounting interfaces in either ball screw or lead screw models. These performance electric cylinders are available in a variety of sizes with two screw configurations per size, as well as a version with a non-rotating rod. The ball screw models provide high performance and the lead screw models provide lower tier performance at a significant cost savings. The Your Motor, Your Way system allows for flexibility in the choice of motor and controls and is available in both an inline or foldback configuration. Series ECV Cylinders are designed for high performance with superior speeds, thrusts, and travel lengths.
Series RA High Load Pneumatic Rotary Actuators feature exceptional radial and axial bearing loads and high stopping capacity. Large pinion shaft, bearings, and rack provide heavy duty performance, and optional shock absorbers contribute to long actuator life. Adjustment screws offer the ability to adjust from +10° to -45° on each nominal rotation for all units of 180° or less. Series RA Rotary Actuators are designed as full-featured rotaries with a wide variety of options and accessories.
PHD Optimax® Series OSD Pneumatic Thruster Slides are robust linear actuators designed for precision and are ideal for a variety of applications. They are the lower price alternative to the Series SD Pneumatic Thruster Slides, which have more options and longer cycle life. The Series OSD is available in three bore sizes and offers standard travel lengths ranging from 1 in to 10 in. To simplify installation and provide for interchangeability, the OSD features a tool plate for mounting of tooling or other actuators.